ChainCloud Pricing

ChainCloud has a flexible pricing model suitable from small business to large enterprise.

Basic Pricing

The basic pricing model is designed to scale with your business :

  • 0.10% per incoming tx
    • Truncate to mBTC
    • Pay only for what you use
    • Real-time fee reporting
  • Volume based discounts available
    • ChainCloud offers everything needed to run a business at scale
    • You can contact our sales for more details

Account Pricing

The account pricing model is fixed. You can pay once, and use always :

  • 10 mBTC per account
    • One Cold Receiving Token
    • One Hot Sending Token
    • One ChainCloud-V account

Address Pricing

The address pricing model is based on how many addresses used by your business :

  • 1 mBTC per batch of addresses
    • Each batch has 1,000 addresses
    • Both Hot/Cold addresses are using this pricing model
    • Actually Hot addresses are not used as much as Cold addresses, because you only need Hot addresses when the fund in Hot wallet is not enough
    • Change addresses are not counted in this pricing model


Other pricing models :

  • 10mBTC for basic information modification
    • Modify V-Device phone no
    • Modify Cold-Receiving Settlement HD Account (Bitpie Account)
  • You should buy an Android phone (with 2 sim-cards support), and pay the phone/sms bills yourself.
  • Currently, 10 BTCs(nonrefundable) are needed to be paid by the enterprise user to activate the ChainCloud account, and this 10-btc payment is not deductable in paying the future expenses for the ChainCloud services (including transaction fees and others,etc.).
    • If you decided to start your ChianCloud service after contacting our managers, you should pay 10 BTCs to the following address: 1Bitpie7nzdqcsHWYMVi4ePuY88hF2jr7E.