What is V-Device?

V-Device is like a “2-Step Verification” Device for you.

V-Device is an Android device running with ChainCloud-V (an Open Source App developped by us). With this App, you can establish a secured channel between your V-Device and ChainCloud’s HSM-Cold with SMS. All data transfered on this channel should be verified to ensure the security.

There are two different verifications between V-Device and ChainCloud HSM-Cold:

  • All Hot-Sending requests (from your website/service) shoud be signed by your V Device, and the signature will pass through ChainCloud API to HSM-Hot Device, and then to HSM-Cold. After that, the HSM-Cold will verify the signature with data. If the signature is correct, HSM-Cold will acknowlege the Hot-Sending request, otherwise, it will close the channel and notify the administrator.
  • When you request the Cold-Receiving/Hot-Sending addresses from ChainCloud API, and plan to use these addresses in your business logic, you can verify each batch of these addresses (1000 address per batch) with the security channel between V Device and HSM-Cold. You should verify all addresses before use, to protect your blockchain assets.

You can also develop your own version of ChainCloud-V (because it is Open Source), and add other safe strategies, for example :

  • Limitation of destination addresses;
  • Strategies of sending amount;
  • Strategies of sending frequency;
  • Special encryption strategy between your website/service and your V Device;

V-Device should always be powered on (connect to the charger), and you should keep chaincloud-v running. The chaincloud-v will periodically establish new channel with HSM-Cold, and all new data will be secured by this newly created channel. If you have powered off the V-Device or exit the chaincloud-v, next time when you want to use V-Device for verification, you have to wait for the new channel to be created (normally midnight). If you want to use V-Device immediately, you can try to contact our technical support.