Hot Sending API

Hot Sending Tx Request

POST /api/v1/open/tx/request

Post Hot Sending Tx Request.

Example response:

    "result": true
  • coin_code (optional) (string) - coin type, for example (BTC).
  • user_tx_no (required) (string) - tx id in vweb.
  • outs (required) (string) - transfer to address and value.
  • vc_code (required) (string) - the sign of unsigntx.
  • is_dynamic_fee (optional) (int) - whether to charge the dynamic fee.
  • c_id (required) (int) - the channel id of sms to sign.


  • coin_code default (BTC).
  • user_tx_no unique in vweb.
  • outs support multiple addresses.for example “1NbbvxBYxGGCBhaM8mow1HFWA7dB5yukmY,2000;1XaavxBYxGGCBhaM8mow1HFWA7dB5yukmY,3000”;
  • is_dynamic_fee 0 no 1 yes default 1.
  • vc_code and c_id is use to ensure security .

Hot Sending Tx Detail

GET /api/v1/open/tx/ (int: user_tx_no)

Returns tx details for your specific tx_no.

Example response:

    "tx_hash": "897a7eb61ea4e9b5a72afa95573ccdc67d4edb3984509a11316664cb69a18065",
    "c_id": 2,
    "user_id": 40000,
    "send_request": {
        "coin_code": "BTC",
        "user_tx_no": "8",
        "is_dynamic_fee": 1,
        "outs": "1NbbvxBYxGGCBhaM8mow1HFWA7dB5yukmY,2000;1XaavxBYxGGCBhaM8mow1HFWA7dB5yukmY,3000"
    "vc_code": "HxAK9Q4CdcKzypai9Wk4gjYwC8jeuHq9UWunAvyzRbO1a4PyZecmYF0WS5kdtBH80/0EtSETjurHyRctkCFsxVk=",
    "request_at": "2016-07-31T04:52:13",
    "hot_wallet_tx_id": 26,
    "tx_at": "2016-07-31T05:31:07",
    "hot_wallet_tx_status": 1
  • user_tx_no (required) (int) - for which user_tx_no to retrieve tx detail.


user_tx_no is the unique transaction id in your own system, you should use an auto incremented primary key as user_tx_no.